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Since 1981, our corporate offices have called Cincinnati home. With over 20 properties servicing parkers from the Jack Casino to the many downtown businesses; we are sure to have the perfect parking space for you. Cincinnati is also the birthplace of our first off site airport parking facility, Fast Park, serving CVG travelers.

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209 East Court Street Parking

LOT 28, Cincinnati

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Overnight Monthly time limit 5 PM to 7 AM; Monthly Permit not valid for Special Events. Posted Event Rate must be paid to park. NO OVERSIZE VEHICLES PERMITTED

Monthly-Valid 1st Day to Final Day of Month Only*


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Located on the South side of East Court between Main and Sycamore Streets

  • Lot Attended during Special Hours
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[email protected]


General Questions

  • How can I Recover My Password?

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  • When are your Facilities Open?

    For specific facility hours of operation please visit our website, and select, 'Find Parking' in the upper right corner or contact your local office.

  • Who do I Contact for Facility Rental or Event Planning?

    Please contact your local office for scheduling and pricing information.

  • How do I Get a Refund?

    To request a refund please contact your local office. All refund requests must be accompanied by proof of payment and refund receipt, if applicable.

  • How do I Obtain a Receipt?

    For monthly parking receipts, login to your account, select ‘Profile’ from the ‘Your Account’ drop down menu in the top right corner, select, ‘Manage My Permits.’ Select the appropriate permit, navigate to ‘Permit Actions’, and select ‘I Want To . . . ’ drop down menu, select ‘View Permit History’ from the drop-down menu, then select ‘View Receipt’ for any applicable receipt.

    For other receipts please contact your local office.

  • How do I Reset My Password?

    Login to your account, select ‘Profile’ from the ‘Your Account’ drop down menu in the top right corner, select, ‘Edit Your Information’. Navigate to ‘Email and Password’, enter your new ‘Password’, ‘Confirm Password,’ then select ‘Update Profile’.

*Rates may be subject to change without notice, special events rates as posted on the lot.

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