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Atlanta, Georgia

157 Luckie Street, NW

Atlanta, GA 30303

Aregay Desta, City Manager


[email protected]

Cincinnati, Ohio

250 W. Court Street, Suite 100E

Cincinnati, OH 45202

Ayo Owoeye, City Manager


[email protected]

Columbus, Ohio

P.O. Box 1353

Columbus, OH 43216

Jami Thomas, City Manager


[email protected]

Dallas, Texas

PO Box 226465

Dallas, TX 75222

John Hall, City Manager


[email protected]

Marion, Ohio

153 E. Center Street

Marion, OH 43302

Shawn Compton, City Manager


[email protected]

Nashville, Tennessee

1200 Broadway

Nashville, TN 37203

Eric Leghorn, City Manager


[email protected]