Citation FAQ


  • How do I pay a citation?

    Citations can be paid in two ways:

    1. Online with a credit/debit card by clicking the citation link. You will need your citation number or your license plate number to search our database.
    2. Mail your ticket and payment to our local office – the ticket envelope is pre-addressed.  Make sure the citation number is included with your payment.

  • How do I dispute a citation?

    To dispute a citation please click on the citation link in the header to visit our citation system. You will need your citation number or license plate number. There you can add evidence to dispute your citation or choose to pay your citation. 

  • Why are there different prices on my citation?

    If your citation is paid within 7 days we offer a discount but the longer you wait to pay your citation the more it will cost.

  • Why was my car towed/booted?

    If a vehicle is parked on one of our parking facilities and has not paid the required fee, our signage clearly states that we may elect to ticket, tow or immobilize that vehicle.  Cars that have multiple unpaid tickets may be towed or booted when parked on any of our parking facilities at any time.  We comply with all city laws and ordinances regarding towing and booting.  

    If your car has been booted, please follow the instructions placed on your vehicle to have the boot removed.  If your car is not at the parking facility when you return, please call your local office for more information or you may call the towing company shown on the signs at our facility.  The numbers for the towing companies are listed below but are subject to change at any time. You will be responsible for paying the tow/booting fee along with all outstanding citations.

    A B S Booting Company 770-650-065
    A Tow Towing Company 404-577-8950

    All Cities Towing 214-637-9003

    At Your Service Towing 513-251-9484

    Shamrock Towing 614-882-3555
    For booting call the office 614-224-3827